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Project SLIDE is excited to offer 3 types of dance teams for our dancer's COMPETITION TEAM 

SPIRIT TEAM  is for dancers who display Slide spirit and a passion for dance. These dancers also display a basic understanding of hip hop technique and desire to learn ballet/modern.  Dancers chosen for this team are mainly because we see potential in them and want we want them to get this experience as well as additional training with like minded dancers. This team starts your dancer on a different path than our normal recreational program. This team also does community performances, festivals, parades, halftime shows, etcThey will compete in at least 1 competition and will perform at recital. 

IGNITE is for dancers that show a strong passion for dance while displaying good hip hop and ballet/modern technique. These dancers display Slide spirit, bring great energy and excitement to class, but may need to simply work on their technique. Dancers chosen for this team have shown us some spark/passion. They shine in our recreational class and show a great deal of growth. Overall these dancers show that they want to go the more competitive route or at least take dance more serious.  This team competes in a minimum of 2 competitions and performs at the recital. 

BLAZE is our highest level competition team. This team of dancers display a high level of technique in a variety of styles. These dancers often prior to auditioning want to take Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz.  Dancers chosen for this team are technically strong in a variety of styles (mainly hip hop, ballet, and modern), are positive, display a highly love of passion and self motivation for dance, and a great deal of Slide spirit. This team competes typically at a minimum of 3 competitions but this season will only be doing 2. 


Competition Team FAQ​S.

  1. When are competition team auditions? Competition team auditions are typically held on the second or third Saturday when classes start back up.

  2. Does my child have to take Ballet/Modern to dance on the competition team?Yes, your child must take both Ballet and Modern classes to be eligible for the competition team.

  3. What will my child need know to prep for competition audition? We will have a competition clinic before auditions to help educate dancers on the audition process. We highly recommend a week of Summer Camp as well to better prepare.

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