Hip Hop: 

T-shirts and loose fitting pants or leggings are acceptable. Sneakers and comfortable boots are recommended. NO SKIRTS or FLIP FLOPS.

We recommend you getting black boots/sneakers at some point in the beginning of the season as we tend to use them for recital and special performances. We also recommend purchasing the Red Project SLIDE T-shirts as these will be used for special performances and special projects!


(Mini’s) White Project SLIDE Camisole/Black Leggings. Hair MUST be in a bun or ponytail. NO LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES/JEWELRY! 


(Junior Ballet Modern ages 13 & up) - REQUIRED RED Project SLIDE Leotards will be available for purchase at the studio. You will need pink ballet shoes and white leggings.  Boys: Black Tank tops and Black shorts!


Comfortable shirt, loose fitting pants, leggings, or shorts will work.  Black Tap Shoes required (No Character Shoes!!).

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