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Registration & Competition Team FAQ

1. When does registration start? Registration starts TODAY, Monday May 20th at noon.

2. When are competition team auditions? Competition team auditions are typically held on the second or third Saturday when classes start back up.

3. Does my child have to take Ballet/Modern to dance on the competition team?Yes, your child must take both Ballet and Modern classes to be eligible for the competition team.

4. The classes say 'approval only' but I think my child is ready. Can I go ahead and register my dancer? No, 'approval only' classes are typically our higher level classes intended for our highest competition level dancers or dances that dance on that level. Recreational classes may be a better fit for your child. Please trust that we place dancers in classes that will benefit them the most.

5. I want my child to dance with their friend. Can you tell me what class their friend is in? No, we do not give out this information. You would need to contact the other parent and then confirm that both children are approved for the same class.

6. What will my child need know to prep for competition audition? We will have a competition clinic before auditions to help educate dancers on the audition process. We highly recommend a week of Summer Camp as well to better prepare.

7. I’m having trouble registering. What should I do? If you’re having trouble registering, simply email our support team at for assistance.

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