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Q. Can I still register for classes?
A. Yes we are still accepting registration. Please keep in mind that starting Jan we enter in recital season. After February 10th if you register you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFORM IN OUR END OF SEASON RECITAL.  

Q. Is there still room for me to register my child?
A. Most classes still have space but to confirm you have to log in to parent portal. When you go to enroll if the class is
RED than it's full. 

Q. Do you have a class for boys only?
A. We currently don't but we do have several boys in our program. You can certainly come sample a class to see the dynamic and inquire about a class that may have some boys in it.

Q. Can my child start if we don't have required attire the first day.  A.  Yes we understand if you do not have it the first day. We do allow a grace period to get the proper attire. Just try to wear something  appropriate for the class type.


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